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Quality Parts

All iNerdz parts are hand tested in the U.S.A. to ensure the best experience. If any of our products have defects, please return them to be reviewed and replaced at no cost to you.

iNerdz Parts understands that all sellers and parts are not created equal. It can be difficult to tell the good from the bad and inconsistent. We understand the frustration of a technician not having quality parts, so we back up our confidence in our manufacturers with our lifetime warranty.




iNerdz Parts searches all over the world for the best manufacturers. High-quality cell phone parts are not easily accessible to the public, but we've done the ground work for you. We have extreme confidence in all of our manufacturers, and we maintain strict quality relationships with them to ensure that low-quality parts never reach our customers. When OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are available, we do our best to sell them. However, often OEM parts are overly expensive in order to discourage repair, but we always guarantee that the parts we sell are just as good as the original.

Quality LCD Screens

Double Quality Control

All of the parts we sell are tested by our manufacturers before being shipped to us. Once the parts arrive in the iNerdz warehouse, we hand test them again to verify that every screen has no dead pixels and that every digitizer has no dead spots. If parts don’t meet our quality standards, then we don't sell them.

iPhone LCD Screens

iNerdz Parts Lifetime Warranty

Give your customer peace of mind by installing quality parts that are backed by the iNerdz Parts lifetime warranty. We have a lifetime warranty on defective parts, even after installation, given that there is no physical damage to the part. To process a return, please fill out an RMA form. Any defective parts can be returned at any given time for store credit.

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